Managing the Grind in the City that Never Sleeps

New York City – “The city that never sleeps.”
This characteristic of the Big Apple is one of the reasons millions of people around the world flock to visit New York, but for us living here day in and day out the struggle is real…
It is not uncommon for some of us New Yorkers to work 60, 70, 80, even 90 hours a week. New York is a city unlike any other, but to become New York required and requires many hours of hard work.
Many of us endure the mental, physical, and emotional struggle that comes with living in this city.
They say if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere.
Below I have a few tips on how to stay energized throughout the grind. I know how the struggle can be and if my words help you get through the day with a few more smiles, a little less stress and a better mindset I have done my job.
  1. Disconnect throughout the day.
    • Plan stopping points in your schedule, I recommend at least one every 2-3 hours (even 5 minutes works). This will make you a more efficient worker as well as clear some time for mental clarity.
    • Go for a stroll, read a chapter of a book, listen to a few songs, call a friend or relative…whatever it is take some time to disengage completely from the task at hand.
    • If it is a sunny day make sure you get outside and get some sun light. This can really improve your mood and the quality of your day.
  2. Stay hydrated
    • Drinking water boosts brain activity and concentration, promotes organ function and removes toxins from the body, and re-hydrate your muscles so your ready for your next workout.
  3. Get the blood flowing
    • I’m a huge advocate of the morning workout as you will be mentally sharper throughout the workday. Also, getting your blood rate up first thing in the morning helps kick your body into fat burning mode throughout the day.
    • Running, yoga, and stretching are all great morning activities that will get you ready for any day.
    • If mornings aren’t your thing hit the night shift.
  4. Avoid Social Media and Phone Games at work
    • Some people view social media as a distraction from the work day or a break from the daily grind, however I don’t believe these activities give you the type of mental break that helps one re-energize. If you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, try disconnect from technology and allow your mind to drift.
  5. Eat right, not less
    • Make it a priority to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I recommend a hearty breakfast and lunch and dinner on the lighter side. Not getting enough nutrients throughout the day can lead to increased stress levels and headaches hindering performance.
  6. Most importantly, make yourself a priority 
    • Add some personal goals into your weekly calendars and task list. Whether it is going to the gym X amount of times a week, drinking Y cups of water per day, reaching out to an old friend, trying a new restaurant or coffee shop in the neighborhood.
    • Approach these personal priorities the same way you would approach a big meeting, a sales pitch, a deadline…your not sacrificing them for anything and will find the time no matter what.
i love NY.jpg
 Good luck New Yorkers and keep on Grinding!

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