Quit Monkeying Around and Eat Your Bananas

Many over look this staple food with news of “super foods” and health trends that fall in and out of style. 

Bananas are packed with vitamins and nutrients with a variety of health benefits that can increase energy, shorten recovery time, and improve your overall health.

The benefits of this super-food are two-fold:
1. Muscle recovery, stress relief and improved sleep.
2. Promotes stronger muscles, bones, and immune system.
Not only that,
Bananas are convenient, affordable and easily can be added to any diet.

Did you know a Banana is actually a Berry? Believe it!


Convenience Grade: A+

Bananas are excellent addition to any smoothie or dessert and stand alone are a convenient snack while on the go.

Price Grade: A+

A banana will typically run you around a quarter ($0.25)…doesn’t get much better than that.

A quick and easy snack even for you novice chefs out there.


And if you want to get a bit scientific, 6 Benefits of Bananas:

  1. Recovery: Known as a great source of potassium, the banana is a great post work out snack. High potassium levels help with muscle and nerve function and help mitigate the risk of cramping allowing you to push your workouts to the limit.
  2. Build Muscle, Burn Fat: High magnesium levels promote lipolysis, in laymen’s terms the process by which your body burns stored fat for energy. Also, choline (Vitamin B) further acts on kicking the body into fat burning mode. Magnesium aids in protein synthesis by allowing muscles to recover and rebuild themselves stronger and naturally after a workout.Turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  3. Relaxation: Bananas have tryptophan (just like your Thanksgiving Turkeys) which can improve quality of sleep and reduce stress levels.
  4. Strengthen your bones: Bananas have unique molecules which increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium promoting stronger and healthier bones.
  5. Fight Disease: Not only do bananas contain 10-20% of your daily recommended vitamin C to boost your immune system, but the balance of nutrients and vitamins improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels for long term heart and brain health.
  6. Stop Cravings: High in fiber and with blood sugar regulating qualities snacking on a banana can keep you full and satisfied throughout your day.
Go Bananas go go bananas!
Some of our favorite recipes:
banana smoothie.jpg
The Smoothie, no smoothie or shake recipe is complete without a good old banana

banana split.jpg
The Banana Spilt- an American Classic substitute ice cream for cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or low fat cool whip and you got yourself a dessert you won’t regret!

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